Companion Unit Regulations Update

What is a Companion Unit?

A companion unit is a second living unit located on the same lot as a single-family home in the R1 (Single-Family) Zoning district. They are also referred to as "granny units" or "in-law units." Companion units typically contain a bathroom, one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and, sometimes, a garage or carport. Companion units provide housing opportunities within single-family neighborhoods and are either attached to or separated from the main home. 

New Companion Unit Regulations

On June 7, 2016, the City Council approved amendments to the Companion Unit regulations in the City's Municipal Code. The amendments are intended to encourage more companion units within the City. Materials from the City Council meeting are available online - Item 6.2The new regulations become effective on July 14, 2016

Summary of new Companion Unit Regulations

Adopted Ordinances (full text):

1. Chapter 36 (Zoning Ordinance) and

2. Chapter 41 (Park Land Dedication In-Lieu Fee)


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