Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

The Permanente Creek Trail is a multi-use trail that extends from Shoreline At Mountain View over Highway 101, under Old Middlefield Road and currently ends at Rock Street.

The original trail extended from Shoreline At Mountain View to Charleston Road. In 2012, the trail was expanded over Highway 101 to Old Middlefield Way to provide an important pedestrian and bicycle connection between residential neighborhoods on the south side of Highway 101 with businesses and recreational facilities on the north side of Highway 101.

Soon thereafter, the City of Mountain View opened another extension of the trail from Old Middlefield to Rock Street.

The Permanente Creek Trail is anticipated to extend to Middlefield Road in the future and the City continues to work with the Santa Clara Valley Water District and Mountain View Whisman School District to review design and site plans. 

Please check the following webpage for temporary trail closures.