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What are the requirements for trash and recycling enclosures? What is the turning radius for collection trucks to safely navigate the property? Is an encroachment permit for construction boxes needed? Can any roll-off box company provide debris and recycling boxes?

Answers to most of these questions can be found under Design Tools & Permits below.  See also Land Development for encroachment permits; and visit the Debris & Recycling Box Services page for information about who can provide services.

Plan for enough space and access for users and the collection company in your development.  State law requires that all developments provide at least 50 percent of the space for recycling in trash enclosures; and mandates recycling for businesses, schools, and multi-family complexes, including condominiums.  Don't forget room for composting and tallow services if needed. 

Contact Solid Waste & Recycling at 650-903-6311 or for more information about trash and recycling guidelines for development review.  

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Contractors - Construction & Demolition Ordinance


The City has adopted a Construction & Demolition ordinance and has also adopted the Green Building Code for the recycling and salvage of construction and demolition (C&D) debris. C&D debris comprises a significant portion of the waste stream that can be diverted from the landfill, thereby conserving resources, protecting our environment, and extending landfill life. The program makes it easy and convenient for property owners, general contractors and subcontractors to meet their responsibilities under the ordinance. 

Whether you are working on a project subject to the City's Construction and Demolition Ordinance or the Green Building Code, the information below will help you understand what is required, who can collect wastes, and how you can maximize salvage and recycling of your project.

Start with reading these documents bulleted below:

C&D Diversion Requirements

C&D Management Plan

C&D Final Disposition Report

Exclusive Hauler for Roll-Off Boxes 

How Can I Achieve Maximum Diversion?

If you are striving to achieve a diversion rate in excess of the minimum 50% requirement, use the City's exclusive hauler, Recology and achieve a 78% diversion rate. Contact us for additional information and assistance or review the C&D Diversion Requirements in this printable handout.

Where do I get weight tags?

Contact Recology at (650) 967-3034 to order a copy of your weight tags.

Who do I contact about the City's Construction & Demolition Ordinance?

City of Mountain View
Public Works Department
Zero Waste & Recycling Section (Cary Bloomquist)
500 Castro Street, First Floor
(650) 903-6311


Warning & Exceptions

By agreement, Recology Mountain View is the City’s exclusive hauler for recycling or debris roll-off box services. 

No other hauler may be used.  The scope of this agreement provides an exception for certain materials:           

  • Construction and Demolition Debris generated at a Premise by a construction, remodeling, or demolition services business and hauled from the Premise by the business as an incidental part of a total service provided by that business (e.g. roofer or landscaper).  Such materials shall be transported in vehicles and containers owned or leased by the business providing the total service, using its own employees and not any subcontractor, affiliated company, or third party.  The vehicle used to transport materials must be on the State of California Carrier Motor Transport Registry in the name of the business providing the total service as proof of compliance.
  • The materials are sold or donated to a charitable organization, hauling service or recycling processor, provided that no compensation of any kind is given to such entity for any purpose, including, but not limited to:  (1) sorting of materials, collection, storage or disposal; (2) materials transport (hauling); (3) disposal of processing residues generally or as a deduction from the sale of recyclables; or (4) consultation or management services, provided incidentally or as part of an overall service (e.g. side agreements).  Materials must be source-separated in open containers (not compactors).  Hauling service must first obtain a non-exclusive collection agreement from the City and a business license.

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