Updated June 15, 2016

On June 14 the City Council approved moving from a Stage 2 water shortage to a Stage 1 water shortage, based on current water supply conditions. Although this decision relaxes some of the water use restrictions previously in effect, the City requests that customers continue to use water wisely and efficiently.

Below is a list of potable water-use restrictions currently in effect. Recycled water is not subject to these restrictions. The full text of each restriction is included in City Code Section 35.28.1 et. seq. or in the State Water Board’s Extended Emergency Regulations. Information about the City's water rates and billing can be found here. If you are a Cal Water customer, please visit Cal Water's website for information about their water use restrictions.

Do Not:
• Allow water to run off into paved areas (gutters, sidewalks, streets)
• Allow broken equipment to waste water
• Wash driveways and sidewalks (except for health and safety reasons)*
• Wash other paved surfaces with a hose that does not have an automatic shutoff sprayer 
• Irrigate your garden during or within 48 hours of rainfall*
• Operate a single-pass cooling system

• Fix leaks within ten days of noticing them
• Install an automatic shutoff sprayer on your hose when washing your vehicle at home
• Make sure your fountain recirculates water*
• Restaurants: Ask before serving water
• Hotels: Ask before laundering sheets and towels*

• Operate your irrigation system efficiently
• Limit irrigation to three days per week (or less)
  o Odd addresses: Monday, Thursday and Saturday
  o Even addresses: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

* Not included in the City of Mountain View’s water-use restrictions but required by the State Water Board.

Contact us for details or clarification.