Tours & Demonstrations

Tours are a great way to experience and see firsthand the ins-and-outs of a police department. Whether you have an interest in law enforcement, or want to better understand how your PD works for you, we offer tours that cover the areas of administration, records, property and evidence, communications, booking area and holding cell and patrol vehicles to name a few. Due to the nature of police work, we cannot guarantee any particular area will be open during your tour, however, we will try our best to cover all areas!

Length of Tour: 60 minutes
Age Requirement: Minimum of 7 years old
Size of Tour: 7 or more individuals
Groups That Tour the PD:

  • Elementary schools
  • Girl and Boys Scouts
  • Leadership groups
  • Students
  • Specialty groups
  • Interested in a specialized tour? Call or email us and we will try out best to accommodate you

If you would like to schedule your tour, please email us, or call our Community Action and Information Unit at 650-903-6418.