Apps Challenge

Is there a cost to enter the competition?
No, entry is free and you can enter as many times as you want.
Do I need to build anything for the call for entries that ends on June 1?
No. You simply need to tell us about your idea. It should take you less than 15 minutes.
Do I need to be a software engineer to enter?
No, but to compete in the final you must have a working prototype of your app.
Do I need to know how to write code?
It's an advantage, but not necessary. We’ve listed some solutions for creating apps without coding skills.
How do I enter?
Entries are accepted online here.
How can I get a mentor?
While the challenge administrators may be able to help, we encourage finalists to reach out to software companies, tech clubs, technology start-ups and non-profits, and others. Many of them will be delighted to assist or point you in the right direction.
What are the Prizes?
First Prize $2000
Second Prize $1000
Third Prize $500
Do I own the Intellectual Property of the App?
Yes. Contestants will own the intellectual property rights to their submission.
How old do I have to be to enter?
Age 14 or older. Minors must identify themselves upon application and require parental or legal guardian consent to participate.
Can I submit an app previously built?
Submissions must be a proposal for an original software application that runs on the Web, a personal computer, a mobile handheld device, SMS, or any software platform broadly available to the public.
Do I need to write an app for iPhone, Android, and other devices?
No. You can choose your platform.